George, our Roommate & Tattoo Artist

Webcomic October 21, 2014

Say hi to George the tattoo artist! It was pretty bizarre to me at first that George did tattoo work work right in our kitchen, but he’s tattooing for years and is very professional about it. He always wearing the gloves, has the medical soap or whatever it exactly is, his very own machine & tattoo gun, and lots of sterilized needles and do-dads for it… Clearly, I only took one tattooing lesson.

But I did try it out! On yes- a pig’s foot. Apparently some tattoo artists practice on oranges, while others prey on drunk people that won’t remember in the morning. Which may or may not be how George initially learned.

Anyway, it was very out of my realm since I don’t even have any tattoos, but still fun. Although, I kinda like the tattoos I drew on myself for the comic strip… PS, sorry George, I made up what tattoos you had because I couldn’t remember what they were.