Cartoon Illustration

Your first sneak peek: Space Cats!

Introducing- CATS IN SPAAAAACE!! I’ve been doodling cats in space for awhile, so I had decided it was time to design specific cat characters for a space adventure. The concepts I have going are very far along already since I’ve been playing with designs and colorations for a few months now. So they’re finally presentable, phew!

Above is the Space Captain, Captain Ace Lighting! Or Zappabolt. Or something electric sounding for his last name. (I’m still in the conceptual phase, after all.) But that’s why he’s yellow and has a lighting shaped hairdo.

Captain Ace is a hyper cat, which doesn’t always match the required attitude for a spaceship captain, but he’s definitely got the need to explore! Which is what space travel is all about. He may not be the brightest kitty on the ship, but he’s a great leader & is fun to be around.

Will my new website that I’m developing be only Space Cats? No way! I’ve got other cuteness brewing too.

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