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4 ways to Take One Step at a Time


Taking things one step at a time is crucial to allowing you to move forward, otherwise you’ll end up feeling too burdened to move at all.

We all live in a world of instant gratification, which makes our daily achievements feel like they’ve taken far too long. We all live in a sea of expectations, which makes us feel obligated to share our day with social media, watch all the popular tv shows, and juggle the responsibilities of maintaining a job and a household. There’s always something else to get done.

For me, I’ve been thinking hard about the future of OMG Nikki. And while trying to figure things out and mapping out my business plan, there’s a million other things I need to keep focused on:

Keeping up with social media, Studying entrepreneurship and marketing, Penciling my journal webcomics, inking them, scanning them in & creating a web-ready file, creating the blog post, Repeat process for any other illustrations I’ve made,  Writing blog posts, Making images for those too, Drawing any freelance orders, Fixing any website issues and tweaking for better usability, Brainstorming product ideas, creating those products, researching how to create a shop online, learning how to install the app plugin and to get it to work, researching how & where to get my products made, Start making my children’s book, Check out events to attend to learn more or promote myself, etc…

So basically, I’m doing this all myself. And I’m sure every one of you have a giant box full of responsibilities as well. It’s overwhelming! Here are some practical things you can do to ensure you take things one step at a time.


1. When you write a to-do list, write only 3 To-Dos.

This not only forces you to prioritize, but it looks way less scary when it’s time to take on your tasks. If you finish them before the day is done, give yourself a nice break and then write another Triple To-Do list.


2. Keep a giant list of other tasks elsewhere.

Whenever you remember something you’ve got to do, you can throw it on this list so you won’t forget. Then, when you need to take action, put it on your Triple To-Do list.


3. If you have a task that requires many other tasks to get done (doesn’t everything?), then break it up into little steps.

If you put things on your To-Do list that aren’t achievable in one day, of course you’ll feel like you’re going nowhere! Give yourself a break and take one step at a time.


4. Discover what motivates you.

We are all victims of procrastination, because facing our tasks of the day takes that initial step to take. Which is like facing a fear if you don’t have a good reason to get through it. Think about what factors really motivate you to buckle down and get started, and implement those into your routine.


The truth is we are human and can only expect to do so much at once. Success isn’t an instant gratification, and we all should remind ourselves that constantly. Any maybe, just maybe, every now and then we should allow ourselves to take breaks in between each step to give ourselves peace of mind too. You can do it!

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