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Toad in the Bedroom!

I still can’t believe that there was a toad in the bedroom! It was a giant, warty guy- and slipped past all three cats in the household. All THREE. Psh, my cat has been an indoor cat for far too long, apparently! Ah yes, and you all may have noticed my website looks different again. […]


Night Time Cuddles with my Cat

What’s better than hugging a pillow or stuffed animal while you sleep? Hugging a happy kitty, of course! Or maybe a puppy. …Although, nothing tops boyfriend snuggles. I went a little over the top adding the teal accent coloring to my comic this time, but I really wanted it to look and feel like it was […]


Wait 30 minutes before Exercise

I mainly wanted to draw this comic so I could draw my sweet, over-the-top 80’s looking running leggings, but yeah… I ate a whole bunch of pizza, and was actually motivated to go running! But, I still had all that pizza in my tummy… there’s a good reason why you wait 30 minutes before exercise after […]


Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day!

I drew this for Steve on the Valentines day card I gave him. It took me a surprisingly long time to get the pose right, drawing two figures snuggling was a great artistic challenge of the day. Anyway, I had a great Valentine’s day because I got gifts from Steve, my dad, and my boss. It’s really […]


My Cat stole my Tuna

My cat never gets up on the table or anything like that, she’s basically so tubby and lazy that she rarely even jumps at all. So I never expected my cat to steal my tuna! Oh man, I was really hungry too so I was pretty mad, haha. By the way, like the splash of color […]


Bilingual Plant Communicator

Usually, I’m the one having moments like these, where I somehow completely miss whatever is actually going on. So, I’m glad to have a comic of Steve doing it instead of me! Also, he doesn’t actually know how to greet plants in other languages. Just to be clear. And if ‘usine’ is actually something other than ‘plant’ in French… […]


My Cat has New Roommates!

This was last year, but Steve and I moved near the Atlanta area! We’re living with my folks on a temporary basis, and my mom has two cats. My cat, Mama cat or M-cat for short, obviously thinks she owns this household. So poor Chancey & Pistol cats didn’t get much food when we first […]