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The Last Journal Comic

Nikki's Journal May 12, 2015

Can you believe that my first journal comic I’ve posted on this site was back on June 25, 2013? …2013!! That’s almost 2 years! And in those years, I’ve posted journal comic after journal comic every single Tuesday. Geez, I’ve actually been drawing journal comics for years before posting them online too. Phew, so many journal […]


Travelling by Rolly Chair

Nikki's Journal May 5, 2015

Alright, I know you guys are here with me on this one- sometimes you’ve just got to scoot your rolly chair across the room to get back to your computer. Sure, getting up and moving the chair would be more logical and easier… but why stand up when you can keep sitting down?! It was pretty funny […]


The Power of a Pitiful Cat’s Meow

Webcomic April 28, 2015

Here’s part two about my mom’s cats, featuring Chancey- the super sweet & fluffy scaredy cat! Chancey sure has that pitiful cat meow perfected. It is a dangerous thing when cats start to realize their adorableness gets them whatever they want. If cats were to ever take over the world, that’s how they’d do it. …Or any other pets for […]


Cats Love Laser Pointers

Webcomic April 14, 2015

Cats love laser pointers, and my mom’s cat is certainly one of them. But what could possibly be more exciting than a laser pointer? THIS. Steve and I are moving to a different town in Georgia, so I’ve decided to draw some comics about the other cats of the household before we go. So here’s […]


Down vs Down Alternative Pillows

Webcomic April 7, 2015

Down pillows are super comfy, but… yeah. Feathers just get everywhere. Even when you’re not switching pillow cases! If anyone knows how to avoid down feathers from invading your entire room, let me know. Otherwise, when it comes to down vs down alternative pillows, I’ll go with the latter option.


Toad in the Bedroom!

Webcomic March 17, 2015

I still can’t believe that there was a toad in the bedroom! It was a giant, warty guy- and slipped past all three cats in the household. All THREE. Psh, my cat has been an indoor cat for far too long, apparently! Ah yes, and you all may have noticed my website looks different again. […]


Night Time Cuddles with my Cat

Webcomic March 10, 2015

What’s better than hugging a pillow or stuffed animal while you sleep? Hugging a happy kitty, of course! Or maybe a puppy. …Although, nothing tops boyfriend snuggles. I went a little over the top adding the teal accent coloring to my comic this time, but I really wanted it to look and feel like it was […]


Wait 30 minutes before Exercise

Webcomic March 3, 2015

I mainly wanted to draw this comic so I could draw my sweet, over-the-top 80’s looking running leggings, but yeah… I ate a whole bunch of pizza, and was actually motivated to go running! But, I still had all that pizza in my tummy… there’s a good reason why you wait 30 minutes before exercise after […]