Cartoon Illustration

Space Cat’s spaceship!

This is actually page two of color concepts for the ship design. I was going to make it all bright green to tie the main characters together, since every space cat has that color in their space suit outfit… but I think the white plus the orange makes it look more like a real space ship! It’s a little hard to see, but I selected the middle right space ship colors. The final design won’t have the satellite and antenna on top either.

All this time I’ve been developing my new website too, and I’ve gotta tell you guys, I’m SO excited to start showing you all my new illustrations and stories. I want to launch with an email newsletter with some sweet freebies for signing up, and a little e-shop too. Sooooo… I’ve got a few more things to get rolled out first before my big launch. Don’t worry- the new version of OMG Nikki is going to be here soon!

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