Space Cats renamed, + Top Secret character reveal!

So, I admit, launching my new website is taking a bit longer than anticipated. It’s a difficult balance because, on one hand, if you launch a project or business that isn’t a good fit for you, it’ll never stick in the long run. But on the other hand, if you continue to develop and develop ideas without jumping into creation full-force, your project or business will never see the light of day.

Since I’ve recently ditched my original ‘rebranded’ name in favor of something that fits my goals better, so I’ve revamped the branding visuals. Now I have established branding that makes more sense, more concisely communicates what my site will be about, and now my stories all look cohesive alongside each other.

Which is why I redesigned my simply hand-drawn logo of “Space Cats” and opted for a logo using the same font of my overall brand of Flying Cats. Especially to retain that cohesive look.


Anyways, the super secret reveal!


This sneak peek is SO top secret, that I can only show you this character’s silhouette. Why, you ask? Well, sneak peeks are awesome and all… but spoilers?? Nobody wants a spoiler. So to see the full reveal of this character you’ll have to wait for the Space Cats- now aka, Astrokitties– story to unfold.

Next week, I’m going to finally move on away from Astrokitty sneak peeks and show you what else I’ve got cooked up. And let me warn you beforehand… the cuteness might just overwhelm you.

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