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My Cat stole my Tuna

Webcomic February 10, 2015

My cat never gets up on the table or anything like that, she’s basically so tubby and lazy that she rarely even jumps at all. So I never expected my cat to steal my tuna! Oh man, I was really hungry too so I was pretty mad, haha. By the way, like the splash of color […]


Bilingual Plant Communicator

Webcomic February 3, 2015

Usually, I’m the one having moments like these, where I somehow completely miss whatever is actually going on. So, I’m glad to have a comic of Steve doing it instead of me! Also, he doesn’t actually know how to greet plants in other languages. Just to be clear. And if ‘usine’ is actually something other than ‘plant’ in French… […]


My Cat has New Roommates!

Webcomic January 27, 2015

This was last year, but Steve and I moved near the Atlanta area! We’re living with my folks on a temporary basis, and my mom has two cats. My cat, Mama cat or M-cat for short, obviously thinks she owns this household. So poor Chancey & Pistol cats didn’t get much food when we first […]


OMG Nikki Changes for 2015

Webcomic January 6, 2015

My big plans for OMG Nikki are in place, so I’m finally ready to launch some much needed changes this year! It won’t happen overnight, but now OMG Nikki can evolve more into how I’ve envisioned it. I’m SO excited! And I have the details lined out here so you know what to expect this coming year.  


A New Kitten

Webcomic December 30, 2014

This little kitten was so cute, and would suck his thumb too! Or you know, his little paw pad. My cat was NOT pleased, and neither was the other cat in the household. Although when Steve and I moved away, it looked like the room mate’s cats were finally getting along. Yay!


An Awesome Scrabble Moment

Webcomic December 16, 2014

This was one of those too good to be true scrabble moments. Oddly enough, I could’ve actually used my letters somewhere else on the board to make even more points. But I thought it was just too funny that my mom mentioned it, and when I looked at my letters, it was right there. Mom ended […]


Steve Looked Weird

Webcomic December 9, 2014

Shell’s definitely Steve’s sister, alright. I loved this exchange Shell and I had, and there were actually some other funny conversation snippets I could’ve gone with too. Including where I was threatened to not break her brother’s heart, then laughed and hugged, and then quickly threatened again. If that’s not a good sister, I don’t know […]