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Get more Flying Cats sneak peeks here!

Consider yourselves already gold-members- These sneak peeks I’ve been giving you all through this blog have been somewhat of a testing ground for this Insider E-zine. If you liked seeing and hearing about what I’m developing, this e-zine will now be the only place where you can continue to hear all about it. I’d love to […]

Introducing, the Mewnicorns!

For my big reveal of my other up & coming story line for Flying Cats- here’s my cat unicorns, aka, the Mewnicorns! I really wanted to reveal more of this story to you all, but to be honest, I’ve got a lot more development to go through first. Since I don’t want to put off launching […]

Space Cats renamed, + Top Secret character reveal!

So, I admit, launching my new website is taking a bit longer than anticipated. It’s a difficult balance because, on one hand, if you launch a project or business that isn’t a good fit for you, it’ll never stick in the long run. But on the other hand, if you continue to develop and develop ideas without […]

Revealing new Website name, sort of. Help!

Man, I was really hoping to have my new brand name be the final reveal I give you guys, but I actually ran into some trouble this past week with it. I could really use your help to make sure I pick the perfect one. But first, let me explain what happened: I was at my drafting […]


New Cartoon Pet Portraits Order Page!

I’m excited to announce that OMG Nikki now has a new and easy way to order your very own Cartoon Pet Portraits! Just in time for the holiday season, eh? There are two options for Pet portraits- black and white only for $35 or colored for $45. It’s really affordable for a custom-order portrait, and […]

Had a Blast at Howl-O-Weenie 2014!

DREAM’s Howl-O-Weenie 2014 was a great success! I met some wonderful dog lovers, saw the most adorable costumes on their dachshunds, AND I got to draw cute little doggies all day- BONUS! I’ve been drawing cartoon illustrations for years, but this was my first time doing a show just for pet portraits. I’m so grateful […]

Meet Nikki at DREAM’s Howl-O-Weenie 2014

I’m super excited to announce the event I’ll be at this weekend, DREAM’s (Dachshund Rescue, Education, Awareness, and Mentoring) Howl-O-Weenie 2014! Isn’t that name just too adorable? The event is kind of a big deal, last year Howl-O-Weenie hosted over 2000 people and 900 dogs! There’ll be tons of cute little contests for your dachshund […]

Nikki’s Brand New Website!

Ah, finally! I’ve been talking about updating my site for awhile now, and it’s actually HAPPENING!! I’m so excited you guys. OMG Nikki has mainly featured my autobiographical webcomic, but now that I have a new blogging platform, I’ll be trying out new things with my blog. More illustrations, new adventures, actual blog post articles- crazy […]

Website Updates, Here’s my Plan…

I really wanted to update my site this week and convert it over to WordPress, but I’ve been bombarded with lots of interviews and freelance work. Which is a great thing! But the new OMG Nikki will just have to wait for now. Here’s my plan: I’m hoping to be able to begin my changes […]