Revealing new Website name, sort of. Help!

Man, I was really hoping to have my new brand name be the final reveal I give you guys, but I actually ran into some trouble this past week with it. I could really use your help to make sure I pick the perfect one. But first, let me explain what happened:

I was at my drafting table, drawing up some concepts for my next line of super cute characters that will come after my Space Cats, when I realized a very important similarity they had with Space Cats… They’re also cats. In fact, it seems like at least HALF of my cute animal characters are all cats!! And on top of that, which is even more bizarre… all of these cats can (basically) fly.

What are the odds, that out of all of the vastly different story lines I have swimming in my head, that 3 out of 4 of them has a flying cat?!

Yes, you heard me, 4 stories. I seriously need to get them out on paper ASAP before I lose my mind.

Anyway, as soon as I realized this, I thought of the website name I had settled on (after a long time struggling to choose it as well.) Fables & Fauna. I originally chose it because I wanted to tell stories (fables) with the cute animal characters that I designed (fauna.) But with this new enlightening discovery, I definitely want to highlight that my website will be mostly about my cat characters.

So, I’ve decided that I reallyreally like “Flying Cats,” or maybe even “When Cats Fly.” Unfortunately, the problem is that both and are taken. I figure I need to slap in another word at the end & grab that domain instead. What do you guys think would be the best domain name to get?

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