New Cartoon Pet Portraits Order Page!


I’m excited to announce that OMG Nikki now has a new and easy way to order your very own Cartoon Pet Portraits! Just in time for the holiday season, eh?

There are two options for Pet portraits- black and white only for $35 or colored for $45. It’s really affordable for a custom-order portrait, and shipping costs are only $3. Once your invoice is complete, I’ll have it finished and shipped out to you in 5-7 business days.

Steps involved:

  • Fill out the Pet Portrait Order Form.
  • Wait 1-2 business days for Nikki to email you an invoice.
  • Pay invoice.
  • Let Nikki create a masterpiece of your cute pet(s).
  • Walk all the way to the mail box to get it.
  • Give your pet extra love for Nikki since she can’t see your pets in person!

Please don’t forget that last step, since I wish I could give pets, love, and hugs to all the pets I draw!

Cartoon pet portraits will be drawn on 9×12 100lb bristol paper, sketched in non-photo blue, inked, and (optional) colored with high quality markers. You will be receiving an original work of art! Questions? Ask me in the comments below or email me at Interested? Check out the details on ordering your cartoon pet portraits here.

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