Journal Comic: Dragon Con Saga page 6… & Now, Custom Orders!

Dragon Con Saga 2013, Page One

Thanks for reading my Dragon Con 2013 mini-series! This series was something I had to stop and focus on since it was, personally, such a huge event in my life. So it got me thinking, what if some of my readers had a huge life event or a love story like this that they’d like to tell?

So Now, Introducing…

The OMG Nikki shop now has an easy-to-order custom order section, including Cartoon Portrait Illustrations & a Custom-order Journal Comic… about YOU! 

That’s right folks, this whole time you’ve been reading this webcomic thinking, “I wonder what I’d look like in Nikki’s comic?” or “Man, my life would make a way more interesting comic than Nikki’s!” Well, now you can make it happen.


Cartoon Portrait Illustrations!


And your very own Journal Comic Page!

And to make your life easier, I put together an order form that will take out most of the emailing back and forth of your purchasing process. 

So tell me, what life event or love story do you want to tell?

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