Inspired from my Child-like Imagination

Nikki's Journal March 31, 2015

When I was a kid, like most kids, I was very imaginative. But unlike most kids, I was dedicated to it. I remember, even though I was surrounded by all my friends at lunch at school- having fun, talking, and laughing with them every day, I’d set aside time to sit there and zone out into my own Nikki daydreams. And my friends weren’t weirded out by it at all. In fact, every now and then one of them would join me and go into their own world for a little bit.

Obviously, a year or two down the line from then, this would become a weird thing to do. Psh, growing up! But I always remained dedicated to my imagination. I wrote stories with my friends, shared a journal with them, and created my own stories.

I think most people go on from that age and forget how to just imagine wild stories and all the possibilities around them. For me, nothing brings me back quicker to that great feeling of being a kid again than letting my imagination get rolling.

To this day, my art is inspired from my child-like imagination. What brings you guys back to your childhood?