Howl-O-Weenie Pet Portraits

Cartoon Portraits October 9, 2014

I wanted to share with you guys more than just the “On the Spot” Doggie Doodles from Howl-O-Weenie, so here are some of my Pet Portraits! And don’t forget, you can order your own pet portraits if you email me at!



Moe was the first one to get a portrait done. I just adore the cute little black hoodie with the skeleton rib cage on the back, and it just so happens that Moe’s favorite doggie toy at home is a pumpkin on a rope. Perfectly appropriate for Halloween!


Cartoon-Golden-jumping-dog-portraitHeidi was super fun to draw, but a bit of a challenge to get her jumping pose just right. And man, can she jump! Maybe she’s not a dachshund, but she’s an adorable little mutt mixture.



The portrait for Daisy and Buddy was ordered for just black and white, but it still looks great! I love a duo of pets where one pet just towers over the other, it makes it extra cute to see big and little pets get along so well.



This goofy looking guy, Spike, was a pre-order so I worked directly from the photo. It was difficult to figure out how to depict his blown-out looking eye and to draw his body without it in the reference shot. I think it turned out great, and I absolutely love the goofy look on his face!



And finally, here’s Baylor. Baylor is a newly adopted dachshund, so he was very skinny still. But it’s so great to see so many little doggies get adopted and find a new home. Way to go, DREAM!



And I didn’t mention it in my other Howl-O-Weenie post, but I wanted to take a quick moment to thank my Dad for helping me out at my booth. It was so darn cold and windy, I probably would’ve frozen to death while my table blew away. But he was there making sure I brought a giant jacket and taping everything down to my table. Thanks Dad!