Get more Flying Cats sneak peeks here!

Consider yourselves already gold-members- These sneak peeks I’ve been giving you all through this blog have been somewhat of a testing ground for this Insider E-zine. If you liked seeing and hearing about what I’m developing, this e-zine will now be the only place where you can continue to hear all about it.

I’d love to be able to keep sharing with you as I transition over to Flying Cats, so I wanted to launch this subscription before even launching my site- just to keep you all in the loop!

*Ahem* And now for my pitch…


Here’s your backstage pass to see the art studio, creator, & extra freebies- & it’s called the Flying Cats Insider E-zine.

Want to see the top-secret artistic developments of the up & coming Flying Cats?

Want to uncover how Nikki even comes up with these crazy imaginative worlds & adorable kitties?

And how about getting rewarded for signing up with a free Astrokitties ebook?

What you get for free for signing up:

  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peeks that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Get the full scoop on the artist’s creation process- just like an artist’s blog in your inbox!
  • Get your questions answered- Nikki has a special Insider’s Q&A for those with extra curiosity.
  • It’s like being a gold-member, you get perks like special offers, discounts, and downloadables that regular readers can’t get.
  • Which also means you’ll be the first-to-know about everything newsworthy too.
  • A list of the latest blog posts, stories and all, with each email- so you won’t miss a thing.
  • PLUS a FREE Astrokitties Doodle-your-own Adventure Comic book ebook as a pdf to read, print out, color, & doodle along with!




This 20 page book reads like a comic- but also has fun & easy drawing prompts, black & white line art pages to color in, and is easy to download to print out! It’ll feel like you’re exploring space with the Astrokitties! The comic pages are colored in already, to give the story pages that extra bit of quality, but the rest is up to your imagination.

This freebie is a wonderful print-out for those kids who are always off in their own little world & can be entertained easily by crayons. Although, adult coloring books are all the rage nowadays too, so it’d be fun to color it yourself! But even if you don’t draw or color in the Doodle-your-own Adventure pages, it’s still a super cute book to read.

Plus, it contains the ultimate sneak-peek into the Astrokitties storyline- a reveal to who their newest crew member will be!

I won’t be flooding your inbox, & I certainly don’t want to bother you with promotion after promotion, but if for any reason you’re unsatisfied with the Flying Cats Insider E-zine, you can easily unsubscribe. No worries! Sign up risk-free today!



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