Cat Cartoon Portraits

Cartoon Portraits November 14, 2014

My latest pet portrait customer, Starla, was so great- she has five cats and gave me a lot of information about each one, and wonderful photos too! It was really fun drawing their little quirks and their stories for each of their cat cartoon portraits.

She said that she didn’t mind if I shared her cat cartoon portraits with you, so here they are!


Trohman is Starla’s baby. He’s a lap cat and likes to sleep on her chest when she sleeps. He meows distinctly, in ways that you know exactly what he is demanding. Hence, his little bossy facial expression.



Starla’s husband Keith has a baby cat of his own, and it’s Donnie. Donnie mostly hangs out on the back porch, but when he’s inside, he’s hugging everyone who will let him!



I got the sense that Arnold was a bit of an oddball, he definitely likes to go do his own thing and avoid everyone except Donnie, who took care of him as a kitten. But he can’t help peeking around the corner when something tasty is cooking in the kitchen!



Zeke is mostly blind, so his eyes are very dilated. The only time you can see his brilliant blue eyes is when he’s out on his porch swing in the sunlight. Zeke loves potato chips, and has been known to climb into potato chip bags just to get some scraps.



Paul is the playful one, and has a knack for finding plastic grocery bags in the house…  and eats them. He’s the most vocal cat as well. I’d easily assume he’s the trouble maker of the household. Poor Starla and Keith!

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