Sue’s Cartoon Puppy Pet Portraits

Cartoon Portraits October 10, 2014

As promised, here’s my Puppy Pet Portrait Portfolio! (Say that three times fast!) Actually, I have more pet portraits to add to this portfolio from the Howl-O-Weenie event. But! You’ll have to wait to see those later, these doggies are extra special because they all belong to Sue, Steve’s Mom.

Sue basically runs an unofficial non-profit shelter for dogs in her home. She is the awesome lady in her town that takes care of every single dog she finds that’s stranded, hurt, starving, and she’s even taken in a dog that somebody shot. She treats their aliments while looking for a nice, new home for them. Last time I counted, she had over 16 dogs that she was caring for. It’s a zoo every time we visit. A zoo full of happy puppies, which is one of the best kinds!


Cartoon-chihuahua-PortraitCheech is a nervous Chihuahua. This little guy was rescued along with some other chihuahuas that were being mistreated. Cheech is receiving special training every day from a veterinarian to treat his nervousness, and it has already significantly eased his problem with biting.



Edgar is Sue’s most recent rescue doggie, a pit bull. He has very expressive eyes, and if there’s one thing I learned from Sue’s pit bulls, it’s that they have a bad rap for being aggressive. Aggressive is one of the last words I’ve ever describe Edgar with.



Snaggletooth little dachshund or whatever he is, Otis is an old man dog and one of Sue’s favorites. So if you want to adopt him, too bad! Everyone at Howl-O-Weenie certainly loved him.



Izzy was a big, ol’ hound dog that would always sleep on her particular chair in the living room. Unfortunately, she recently passed away, so I wanted to make this portrait of Izzy for Sue to express my sympathies.



And last but not least, here’s Buttercup! She is super sweet and just wants lots of love.


Phew! I know I didn’t include a photo of the last three, but Sue does have over 16 dogs, so I will have to get to the rest another day in a new blog post. Also- if you are interested in adopting Cheech or Edgar, let me know! They need a new home and a loving family. Or, if you’re interested in your own custom cartoon puppy pet portrait, email me at!