Order Your Own Cartoon Pet Portraits



Hello! I’m Nikki Floreno, a cartoon illustrator, and I’d love to draw your pets! These cartoon pet portraits will be drawn to look and act just like your pet! I specialize in visual storytelling, and I want you to be able to tell the stories of your pets.

What’s your pet’s story?

Cartoon-dachshund-dog-PortraitBaylor is a rescued Dachshund, who’s still skinny but happy at his new home!

Cartoon-dachshund-with-retriever-dog-portrait-2Daisy & Buddy are pals, who adore their matching Lambchop chew toys. One big and one small!

Cartoon-Golden-jumping-dog-portraitHeidi is playful & loves to jump. She can jump on command, and well… whenever she wants to.


cartoon-cat-portrait-orange-tabbyArnold is a shy cat. But when there’s food cooking, he’ll peek around the corner to check it out!

You can see more of my cartoon pet portraits of rescued dogs here, at DREAM’s dachshund event’s here, and an order of cat portraits here.


Your Cartoon Pet Portraits

If you order a Pet Portrait, you will receive the original drawing on 9 x 12 96lb bristol paper. The art is sketched out in non-photo blue and inked, just like how I draw my comics, and then colored with copic markers.

Group cartoon pet portraits are available as well! Prices are listed per pet, meaning you can get a group portrait of three pets for x3 the listed price. All sales will be paid through an invoice sent by Nikki through Paypal.

In order to convey your pet as accurately as possible in the portrait, I’ll ask for some photos & details about who they are. Your portrait will be completed within 5-7 business days after your invoice is paid, and your artwork will be lovingly packaged and mailed to you.

Shipping Policy

Your original cartoon pet portraits drawings will be carefully packaged with a sturdy backboard in a waterproof sealed bag stamped with the OMG Nikki logo. This will then be shipped in a rigid mailer envelope. Default US shipping may take 3-6 business days for $3, but other shipping options will be included as well. International shipping is allowed on request.


Refund/Returns Policy

If the item received is damaged, or if it wasn’t received at all, please contact me. I will keep a scanned copy of your order, so if anything goes awry during shipping, I will always have a backed up copy. I have no control over what happens during shipping, but I CAN make sure you will get a nice print of the artwork and I can send it your way ASAP.

I want my customers to be happy! Please let me know at nikki@omgnikki.com if you have any special concerns.

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