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Examples of pet portraits & human portraits, & sharing portraits that have been commissioned


Cat Cartoon Portraits

My latest pet portrait customer, Starla, was so great- she has five cats and gave me a lot of information about each one, and wonderful photos too! It was really fun drawing their little quirks and their stories for each of their cat cartoon portraits. She said that she didn’t mind if I shared her cat cartoon portraits […]


Sue’s Cartoon Puppy Pet Portraits

As promised, here’s my Puppy Pet Portrait Portfolio! (Say that three times fast!) Actually, I have more pet portraits to add to this portfolio from the Howl-O-Weenie event. But! You’ll have to wait to see those later, these doggies are extra special because they all belong to Sue, Steve’s Mom. Sue basically runs an unofficial non-profit shelter […]


Howl-O-Weenie Pet Portraits

I wanted to share with you guys more than just the “On the Spot” Doggie Doodles from Howl-O-Weenie, so here are some of my Pet Portraits! And don’t forget, you can order your own pet portraits if you email me at!   Moe was the first one to get a portrait done. I just […]