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Space Cat’s spaceship!

This is actually page two of color concepts for the ship design. I was going to make it all bright green to tie the main characters together, since every space cat has that color in their space suit outfit… but I think the white plus the orange makes it look more like a real space ship! […]

The next space cat- Fifi!

The sneak peeks of some of my upcoming characters from Space Cats continues! Here’s my personal favorite, Fifi Fauxpaw. She’s a decedent of  Felicette, a French cat who was the first cat to ever travel space. Fifi is a very lazy cat, lounging around & naps are her favorite. She can be pretty sassy, and is definitely the […]

Another Space cats character + a pile of comics

Here’s the next Space Cats crew member- Chester Snugglewumps! Mr. Snugglewumps is the space cat’s engineer, he loves inventing & building robots and discovering new technologies. But, he’s a very shy and skiddish cat. He’s one of those cats that would run away from a mouse rather than catch it. Once he finally gets comfortable around […]

Your first sneak peek: Space Cats!

Introducing- CATS IN SPAAAAACE!! I’ve been doodling cats in space for awhile, so I had decided it was time to design specific cat characters for a space adventure. The concepts I have going are very far along already since I’ve been playing with designs and colorations for a few months now. So they’re finally presentable, phew! Above is the […]

Monkey, Bearshark, & Vespa Dog Illustrations

To recap on some of my #artoftheday photo posts on Instagram, here are a trio of cute, whimsical animal illustrations. First I blue-lined them and inked them, then I colored them in using copic markers. Bear Shark Surfing Monkey Chocolate Banana Split Beagle on a Blue Vespa To follow my #artoftheday posts, you can follow […]


Cat Cartoon Portraits

My latest pet portrait customer, Starla, was so great- she has five cats and gave me a lot of information about each one, and wonderful photos too! It was really fun drawing their little quirks and their stories for each of their cat cartoon portraits. She said that she didn’t mind if I shared her cat cartoon portraits […]


Sue’s Cartoon Puppy Pet Portraits

As promised, here’s my Puppy Pet Portrait Portfolio! (Say that three times fast!) Actually, I have more pet portraits to add to this portfolio from the Howl-O-Weenie event. But! You’ll have to wait to see those later, these doggies are extra special because they all belong to Sue, Steve’s Mom. Sue basically runs an unofficial non-profit shelter […]


Howl-O-Weenie Pet Portraits

I wanted to share with you guys more than just the “On the Spot” Doggie Doodles from Howl-O-Weenie, so here are some of my Pet Portraits! And don’t forget, you can order your own pet portraits if you email me at!   Moe was the first one to get a portrait done. I just […]