Cartoon Illustration

Another Space cats character + a pile of comics

Here’s the next Space Cats crew member- Chester Snugglewumps! Mr. Snugglewumps is the space cat’s engineer, he loves inventing & building robots and discovering new technologies. But, he’s a very shy and skiddish cat. He’s one of those cats that would run away from a mouse rather than catch it. Once he finally gets comfortable around you, Mr. Snugglewumps is a super loving and friendly space cat.



Also I wanted to show you guys- I was reorganizing my flat files and storing away my journal comic, and look! This is the stack of about 2 years of journal comics, for every Tuesday. Crazy huh?! The little stack on the bottom is actually of 11×17 paper, so I fit two comics per page on those. So basically, if each comic was stacked individually on top of each other, this stack of comics would be even higher. Even crazier!!

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