My Cat has New Roommates!

Webcomic January 27, 2015

This was last year, but Steve and I moved near the Atlanta area! We’re living with my folks on a temporary basis, and my mom has two cats. My cat, Mama cat or M-cat for short, obviously thinks she owns this household. So poor Chancey & Pistol cats didn’t get much food when we first moved in…


OMG Nikki Changes for 2015

Webcomic January 6, 2015

My big plans for OMG Nikki are in place, so I’m finally ready to launch some much needed changes this year! It won’t happen overnight, but now OMG Nikki can evolve more into how I’ve envisioned it. I’m SO excited! And I have the details lined out here so you know what to expect this coming year.




A New Kitten

Webcomic December 30, 2014

This little kitten was so cute, and would suck his thumb too! Or you know, his little paw pad. My cat was NOT pleased, and neither was the other cat in the household.

Although when Steve and I moved away, it looked like the room mate’s cats were finally getting along. Yay!


An Awesome Scrabble Moment

Webcomic December 16, 2014

This was one of those too good to be true scrabble moments. Oddly enough, I could’ve actually used my letters somewhere else on the board to make even more points. But I thought it was just too funny that my mom mentioned it, and when I looked at my letters, it was right there. Mom ended up winning this round.

What awesome scrabble moments have happened to you?


Nikki’s Pet Portrait Drawing Process

Cartoon Portraits December 12, 2014

1. I take a look at the pet photos you supplied.

For my Pet Portrait Drawing Process- it’s important to send great photos of your pets, from different angles, otherwise I won’t know what exactly to draw. Plus, come on! I know you have a stockpile of cute pet photos in your phone or camera!



2. I read the description you entered about your pets, gauge what type of portrait you’re looking for, and decide how to tell your pet’s story.

Some people really like to get detailed in their pet’s description, and some people don’t even know what to write. Either way, it works out! I ask for extra information so I can draw not just your pet’s portrait, but it’s story.

If you want to gush on about who your tiara-wearing fat cat named Princess is, then you’ll get more of a storytelling element to your portrait. (Come on, if you tell me that how could I not get into character!) If you don’t give me any details, then you’ll get a portrait of your pet just sitting pretty, and that’s great too. It’s all about what you want to receive!




3. I sketch out your pet with a non-photo blue pencil.

This is the type of pencil I use to draw my comics because non-photo blue doesn’t show up when it’s scanned. Even though colored portraits technically eliminate the need for a non-photo blue, I just feel right drawing with one.

4. I tighten up the pencils, and then ink it.

Once the blue lines are perfect, I can begin inking. This is the final drawing stage for the black and white portraits. My favorie inking tools are a variety of brush pens. Eeee!

5. Color!

I use copic markers to color the portraits in. They are very high-quality markers, and have the versatility of showing details like an extra furry and fluffy texture, or a sleek and smooth fur with little texture. When I color outside the lines, I touch it up with white ink to erase it.






6. It’s not finished yet! Time to package and ship it.

I’ve got a one-lady operation here at OMG Nikki, so your finished cartoon pet portraits package is sealed with love & care from yours truly! Your package includes: your portrait(s) wrapped in a clear casing, a backboard for extra stability, and some fun OMG Nikki extras, all in a rigid mailer envelope.


So just think about it- these pet portraits could be be yours! Or your dog rescuing Mother-in-Law’s for a birthday gift. Or to celebrate you and your girlfriend’s first puppy you’ve adopted together. Or your grandma’s cats that she always wants to go on about when you call her… Either way, I’d love to draw some cute animals!


Steve Looked Weird

Webcomic December 9, 2014

Shell’s definitely Steve’s sister, alright. I loved this exchange Shell and I had, and there were actually some other funny conversation snippets I could’ve gone with too. Including where I was threatened to not break her brother’s heart, then laughed and hugged, and then quickly threatened again. If that’s not a good sister, I don’t know what is.