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Space Cats renamed, + Top Secret character reveal!

So, I admit, launching my new website is taking a bit longer than anticipated. It’s a difficult balance because, on one hand, if you launch a project or business that isn’t a good fit for you, it’ll never stick in the long run. But on the other hand, if you continue to develop and develop ideas without jumping into creation full-force, your project or business will never see the light of day.

Since I’ve recently ditched my original ‘rebranded’ name in favor of something that fits my goals better, so I’ve revamped the branding visuals. Now I have established branding that makes more sense, more concisely communicates what my site will be about, and now my stories all look cohesive alongside each other.

Which is why I redesigned my simply hand-drawn logo of “Space Cats” and opted for a logo using the same font of my overall brand of Flying Cats. Especially to retain that cohesive look.


Anyways, the super secret reveal!


This sneak peek is SO top secret, that I can only show you this character’s silhouette. Why, you ask? Well, sneak peeks are awesome and all… but spoilers?? Nobody wants a spoiler. So to see the full reveal of this character you’ll have to wait for the Space Cats- now aka, Astrokitties– story to unfold.

Next week, I’m going to finally move on away from Astrokitty sneak peeks and show you what else I’ve got cooked up. And let me warn you beforehand… the cuteness might just overwhelm you.


Revealing new Website name, sort of. Help!

Man, I was really hoping to have my new brand name be the final reveal I give you guys, but I actually ran into some trouble this past week with it. I could really use your help to make sure I pick the perfect one. But first, let me explain what happened:

I was at my drafting table, drawing up some concepts for my next line of super cute characters that will come after my Space Cats, when I realized a very important similarity they had with Space Cats… They’re also cats. In fact, it seems like at least HALF of my cute animal characters are all cats!! And on top of that, which is even more bizarre… all of these cats can (basically) fly.

What are the odds, that out of all of the vastly different story lines I have swimming in my head, that 3 out of 4 of them has a flying cat?!

Yes, you heard me, 4 stories. I seriously need to get them out on paper ASAP before I lose my mind.

Anyway, as soon as I realized this, I thought of the website name I had settled on (after a long time struggling to choose it as well.) Fables & Fauna. I originally chose it because I wanted to tell stories (fables) with the cute animal characters that I designed (fauna.) But with this new enlightening discovery, I definitely want to highlight that my website will be mostly about my cat characters.

So, I’ve decided that I reallyreally like “Flying Cats,” or maybe even “When Cats Fly.” Unfortunately, the problem is that both and are taken. I figure I need to slap in another word at the end & grab that domain instead. What do you guys think would be the best domain name to get?


Evil Hairless Cat, Dr. Krumples!

A prior member of the Space Cats crew, Dr. Krumples was stuck in the position of being the space ship’s pilot. He wanted to be so much more, but could never seem to move up into career that he truly desired. Not that it’s easy to be a pilot- it takes a real brainiac to know how to fly a space ship!

Dr. Krumples is definitely an evil kitty, and gives it away through his constant scheming and self-serving ideas. Is he really a doctor? Nah, just the evil genius type. The color scheme with the green star by it is the final version I chose for his design.


Space Cat’s spaceship!

This is actually page two of color concepts for the ship design. I was going to make it all bright green to tie the main characters together, since every space cat has that color in their space suit outfit… but I think the white plus the orange makes it look more like a real space ship! It’s a little hard to see, but I selected the middle right space ship colors. The final design won’t have the satellite and antenna on top either.

All this time I’ve been developing my new website too, and I’ve gotta tell you guys, I’m SO excited to start showing you all my new illustrations and stories. I want to launch with an email newsletter with some sweet freebies for signing up, and a little e-shop too. Sooooo… I’ve got a few more things to get rolled out first before my big launch. Don’t worry- the new version of OMG Nikki is going to be here soon!


The next space cat- Fifi!

The sneak peeks of some of my upcoming characters from Space Cats continues! Here’s my personal favorite, Fifi Fauxpaw. She’s a decedent of  Felicette, a French cat who was the first cat to ever travel space. Fifi is a very lazy cat, lounging around & naps are her favorite. She can be pretty sassy, and is definitely the first to point out whenever Captain Ace is doing something wrong. Underneath her laid-back, without-a-care attitude, she’s the most motherly and nurturing kitty you’ll meet.


Why do I like Fifi the most? Because she’s based off of my cat! Look, here she is going on an adventure of her own!



Another Space cats character + a pile of comics

Here’s the next Space Cats crew member- Chester Snugglewumps! Mr. Snugglewumps is the space cat’s engineer, he loves inventing & building robots and discovering new technologies. But, he’s a very shy and skiddish cat. He’s one of those cats that would run away from a mouse rather than catch it. Once he finally gets comfortable around you, Mr. Snugglewumps is a super loving and friendly space cat.



Also I wanted to show you guys- I was reorganizing my flat files and storing away my journal comic, and look! This is the stack of about 2 years of journal comics, for every Tuesday. Crazy huh?! The little stack on the bottom is actually of 11×17 paper, so I fit two comics per page on those. So basically, if each comic was stacked individually on top of each other, this stack of comics would be even higher. Even crazier!!


Your first sneak peek: Space Cats!

Introducing- CATS IN SPAAAAACE!! I’ve been doodling cats in space for awhile, so I had decided it was time to design specific cat characters for a space adventure. The concepts I have going are very far along already since I’ve been playing with designs and colorations for a few months now. So they’re finally presentable, phew!

Above is the Space Captain, Captain Ace Lighting! Or Zappabolt. Or something electric sounding for his last name. (I’m still in the conceptual phase, after all.) But that’s why he’s yellow and has a lighting shaped hairdo.

Captain Ace is a hyper cat, which doesn’t always match the required attitude for a spaceship captain, but he’s definitely got the need to explore! Which is what space travel is all about. He may not be the brightest kitty on the ship, but he’s a great leader & is fun to be around.

Will my new website that I’m developing be only Space Cats? No way! I’ve got other cuteness brewing too.


The Last Journal Comic

Can you believe that my first journal comic I’ve posted on this site was back on June 25, 2013? …2013!! That’s almost 2 years! And in those years, I’ve posted journal comic after journal comic every single Tuesday.

Geez, I’ve actually been drawing journal comics for years before posting them online too. Phew, so many journal comics!  The reason why I started drawing journal comics in the first place was to keep a catalog of my life and to continue practicing & honing my abilities of drawing comics & cartoons.

So… although I know some of you may be disappointed, I feel like it’s time to draw OMG Nikki to a close. Sharing these comics with you all has been rewarding, and I hope you’ll stick around with me as I continue forward to my next project.



But, wait a second! I don’t want your Tuesdays to be void of Nikki art & cute cartoons! So I’m going to continue my Tuesday updates here at OMG Nikki to give you all a sneak peek each week of what’s coming up next in my new super awesome project, until my new website is ready for launch. I’ve been putting in a ton of conceptual development, and not to mention heart & soul, so I hope you all will be as excited about it as I am!

Introducing, a quick little sneak peek to get things started!




Travelling by Rolly Chair

Alright, I know you guys are here with me on this one- sometimes you’ve just got to scoot your rolly chair across the room to get back to your computer. Sure, getting up and moving the chair would be more logical and easier… but why stand up when you can keep sitting down?!

It was pretty funny seeing this comic inked before I inked Steve in as well. It looked like I was poltergeisted across the room. Which, thank goodness, was NOT what happened, haha.


The Power of a Pitiful Cat’s Meow

Here’s part two about my mom’s cats, featuring Chancey- the super sweet & fluffy scaredy cat! Chancey sure has that pitiful cat meow perfected.

It is a dangerous thing when cats start to realize their adorableness gets them whatever they want. If cats were to ever take over the world, that’s how they’d do it. …Or any other pets for that matter.